This Is IU-U-U

Remember that wonderful We Are Notre Dame video from last summer that, apparently, was not meant ironically? Well, it's possible that IU actually has that beat.

I haven't done any research on this yet to know how such an abomination as this could exist intentionally, but then again...maybe nothing more needs to be said. Let's roll tape, after the jump.

Well, that was just... wonderful. I especially loved all of the grainy footage of greatness. Which Tom Crean will be returning them to... if you bottle him. I think. What?

Oh, but I liked the red-spikey-haired dude doing the violin solo in the middle. That was.... awesome...?

I mean, seriously, IU. How can you expect us not to make fun of you when you think things like this are cool?

Yeah, yeah, you have five banners. We know. We've heard. I do like how ours from 1932 "doesn't count" but ones from 1940 and 1953 are very relevant. We don't deny it -- IU used to be very good. A long, long...long time ago.

You guys know Keith Smart is, like, 45 years old now, right? And that your most recent banner is older than the studs in this video?

Oh, right, none of that matter when you live in the past.

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