Top Purdue Sports Moment of 2009

The erstwhile proprietor of Hammer and Rails (pictured) would like to know what you think the top Purdue sports moment of 2009 is. And he gives you a list of options to choose from.... they include the following two:

-Women's Basketball makes Elite 8
-Women's softball reaches NCAA round of 32 for the first time

And do you know what's not included? The game that this year moved Danny Hope to tears. The game that encapsulated something not done in 43 years. That may have been part of ushering in a new era of Purdue football. The win at Michigan.

So go on over, cast a vote, and let him know how handsome he is.

(Yes, it's a slow week so I'm picking on Travis. We kid because we love.)

UPDATE: He has added the Michigan game as a choice. I demand a mistrial! Revote!

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