Wednesday Gumbo (CMigrator copy 3)

Does Not Compute
I check out the Ken Pomeroy Rankings from time-to-time simply because I think their equation for computer rankings yields a better representation of reality than RPI...generally. One oddity I couldn't help but notice was the 8-3 Minny Golden Gophers and 6-3 (prior to tonight) Cal Golden Bears in the top-10.

Minny's biggest win to date was over the 4-loss Butler Bulldogs on a neutral court. At the same time, Cal had that awesome 5-point win over Murray State. Okie dokie.

Our Boilers are currently 5th in that poll.

Thunder Up!!!
If you're like me, you love watching the WNBA OKC Thunder play. OK, I'm kidding, but the Thunder's name is worthy to be mocked. But, they've come up with a pretty innovative cheer/tagline for their squad- "Thunder Up!!!"

That's right, the NBA and Oklahoma City's marketing department has seemingly reached their collective hands into Arnette Tiller's bag of catchy taglines to rally their fans. Well-played, OKC!!

Favre Bomb Detonated?
If you've been reading here a while, you know that I'm a huge Brett Favre fan. So I am just perplexed and saddened by the developments in the last few days out of Minnesota.
Alright, not really...Hey Childress and co.- you made your deal with the devil, it's not free. Brett seemed ageless for much of this season and the system seemed to fit perfectly. But, that perfect fit has been replaced with curse-laden heated arguments and the agelessness has been replaced with the old mistake-prone Brett Favre garbage that we all had come to expect in the last few seasons.

Expansion according to Morgan Burke
Tonight during the SIUE game, Burke was interviewed by Jim Barbar about the BT expansion topic. He had a couple of interesting points- first- proximity is not too important to the BT. Second, the BT is seeking a renowned research institution that would also help the conference gain strength athletically.

Since PSU wasn't exactly a next-door neighbor to most of the league and they rank in the top-50 of international research universities, I don't think Burke is just blowing I've come up with a few theories of who's the next member of the BT.
University of Oxford England is a top-10 research institution and has renowned rugby and boxing they're a solid option.
But another on the list that jumps out is the University of Texas at Austin...another top-50 research university with a ton to offer athletically. I'm beginning to think that Burke knew exactly whom he was talking about when he tip-toed around his answer during the brief courtside interview. The tealeaves might seem to be an autumn burnt orange, today.

Also on this list and spinning in the rumor mill, The State University of New Jersey...who, unlike UT, is a land-grant university...only four of the conference's 11 schools are not land-grant institutions.

Merry Christmas fellow Boilers to you and your families!!!

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