Get Ready to Mount Your Brackets

Wait, that didn't sound right.

Anyway, Timmy put up the info last week about the Second Annual Boiled Sports Tourney Randomness Challenge.

I took a look today and there are only like 40-something of you clowns signed up. Last year, when we had probably half as much traffic, we had nearly 100 participants. Small potatoes, to be sure, but still.... you guys can outdo that. The site stats say 1,000 visitors a day so let's get on this. Enter the pool for fun. There's no cost to enter. Have your wife enter and then gloat when you beat her or be shamed when you lose. Enter your dog. Because, really, who the hell ever knows what's going to happen?

Last year, the winner was Nick B's entry "A Whole Lot of 3's," and his "reward" (if you can call it that) was our airspace for a post. True, he might have had a wider audience had he simply written his thoughts on a bathroom stall door, but we're (slightly) more sanitary. And Nick chose to call me out as his guest post topic for my criticism of Scott Martin's transfer. Fair enough, Nick. Just you wait -- one day, I'll have a chance to post about YOU. (Oh wait...)

Anyway, so this year's prize will be:

All-expenses paid trip to next year's Final Four.
A night with Tim's wife.
A night with Tim.
The first thing I grab when I reach into my desk drawer.

Wait, sorry, none of those were approved by BS Corporate. So we've settled on the following...

Winner of the 2009 BS Tourney Pick 'Em will get a coveted Boiled Sports T-shirt as well as a guest post here at BS on the Friday after the Final Four.

So enter and kick our asses. We freaking dare you.

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