Joe Is Mad At Us

Well, maybe not at us, exactly, but Joe is pissed off about bloggers, it appears. You may have seen this on Deadspin today, but Joe has closed practice -- permanently -- because he's tired of...bloggers.

I don't quite understand why he's upset. I mean, is it our fault (or any other blog's fault) that Selwyn Lymon was stabbed in the upper chest while he was at a nightclub? Hey, coach, maybe you should focus on keeping your 20-year-old players out of nightclubs and away from motor vehicles when they've been drinking. Maybe you should close some of their access to the party hotbed that is West Lafayette, Indiana. Just a thought. I'm fairly certain it's not the fact that a few members of the press and the interested public (largely, you know, fans, in all liklihood) being in Mollenkopf that is causing the problems on your team.

"And you better get used to it, because we're closed the rest of the spring. And we'll also be closed all fall. I'm tired of blogging and guys talking about our practices, and postings, and all that bullsh-t. All's it is is more problems than it is value."

The quote is kind of funny because it sounds like Coach Tiller himself is tired of blogging. And, hell, I'd like to read that blog:

"We lost again today. I don't understand why Brock can't make the players pretend we're at home. I'm hungry. I'm sleepy. I think I'll take a nap. After my sandwich, of course. -- Joe T"

But seriously, Coach, none of these here Websites were ever intended to provide any so-called "value" to your football squad. No, that's actually your job, believe it or not. We exist to entertain readers who aren't close to the team or the players and who might want to read about sports from the slanted angle we provide. Again, I fail to see how sites such as ours could possibly be detrimental to the team. Are there secrets going on during practice that you don't want getting out there? Like a secret play to be used against Notre Dame in September? I sure hope so, because your attitude is kind of crappy and I'd like to hope that's going to lead to a more focused team. However, ten seasons of evidence to the contrary don't bode well.

Juuuuuust a Bit Outside; Tried the Corner and Missed

Isn't this all getting old?