Juuuuuust a Bit Outside; Tried the Corner and Missed

So as you've likely heard, the Cleveland Indians can't seem to play any baseball because it keeps snowing in Cleveland despite the first day of Spring, Daylight Savings Time and Easter all having passed.

The Indians are supposed to host the Angels this week but they just had four games with the Mariners snowed out and baseball is moronic for more than the obvious reasons that cities like Cleveland probably shouldn't be hosting if we're going to start the baseball season this early. Why not have the first week in California, Florida, Texas and, you know, domed stadiums? And the other reason baseball is completely stupid? They scheduled the Mariners and Angels in Cleveland for the first week, two West coast teams that don't have scheduled days in Cleveland again in 2007! Nicely done! So how do these games get made up? There's not enough time at the end of the season for four games with the M's right before the playoffs (assuming the games are needed) so I would expect you might see the Indians and Mariners playing in the offdays around the All-Star Break or perhaps a double header on a day off for both teams, even if it means lots of airplane time. Doesn't seem real fair to either team.

Anyway, so rather than play the Angels-Indians games in California, the games will be played in Milwaukee at Miller Park and tickets will be a flat rate of $10 and you can sit anywhere. Ought to be a real hoot.

Of course, if you're a fan of baseball movies featuring the Cleveland Indians (and who isn't?), you might know that Milwaukee was where most of the movie Major League was filmed, as a stand-in for Cleveland (apparently Cleveland was really busy for those months and couldn't fit movie-filming into its schedule). And Bob Uecker, who played the Indians' drunken radio man in the movies, is actually the play-by-play guy for the Brewers. So you see where I'm going...

Do you suppose the classy ladies of Milwaukee will be waiting to do this...possibly?

Another entertaining photo from the attempted Opening Days in Cleveland is the following:

The caption claimed that Mike Hargrove wanted to have play suspended due to the...blizzard-like conditions and that Eric Wedge was yelling at him because it was about to become an official game with the Indians leading. I just love the absolutely miserable look on Hargrove's face.

So starting tonight, it's the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim versus the Cleveland Indians of Milwaukee.

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