SBF -- Get 'Em While They Last

So we're approaching a year on Sideboob Friday's existence and so it might be time for some changes. For one thing, I've been getting some flak about it (and not just from my wife), including one fellow blogger who called me an "asshole" for furthering a "macho, locker-room, jock image." Never mind the various places this sanctimonious prick writes for features tons of offensive and pseudo-offensive content -- far worse than anything we'd post here. The point is that -- and I'm not trying to be a downer here -- this was something I started doing to be funny and have a running regular feature here that was just kind of, you know, a play on the sterotype jock behavior... it's certainly not something I am going to continue pushing as some kind of protest.

Anyway, as we approach the one-year mark of SBF, expect it to go on hiatus for a while. I know, I know, what a bummer for a Friday afternoon. So let's liven things back up.... with some bonus boobies.

One of SBF's alltime favorites, Ms. Gemma Atkinson. Oh, Gemma... so frisky.

This one comes from contributer Timmy..... yes, Tim's not as innocent as he looks, nor does he only spend time ogling basketball court elevations.

Look at this bookish nerd. Typical Stanford.

Oklahoma girls... this pic the previous one were stolen from the link Boilerdowd sent you to earlier this week that ranked hot college girls.

Remember Jenn Sterger? The tramp who has big knockers and used them to get a career started? Yeah, this is her again.

Enjoy your weekends, all, and be safe out there.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs on Fridays in this space. That is, until J puts it into hiatus like a TV show awaiting a decision on whether it's going to be cancelled or not.

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