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Doesn't have a driver's license, but can still kick your favorite player's ass

Stephen, you have had an amazing NCAA tournament. Against the best competition in the land, you've averaged more than 30 points/game. Clearly you're talented, but averaging 25/game in the SoCon doesn't hold a candle to what you are currently doing. My advice- Quit right now and declare for the draft. Don't play one more lousy minute for free. I am pretty sure your stock can't get much higher than it is right now. While I think it'd be pretty awesome to watch you beat Kansas next round without any other Davidson players even dressing, is such a game worth the risk? Stay healthy, hire your Dad's agent and call it a college career.

Oh yeah, one more thing- thanks to Wisconsin and MSU for making the Big Ten look as bad as everyone in the media thought it was all season. Bo, Tom, the two best coaches in the league*, thanks for sleep-walking your team through this week's preparation.

*Izzo and Ryan voted best coaches in the Big Ten by national media and fans in East Lansing and Madison.

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