Best. Hire. Ever.

Zeke has been hired as Florida International's head basketball coach...and I don't know at whom I should direct my laughter.

Do you laugh at the ex-NBA coach who has taken over a basketball program in the Sunbelt Confernce coming off of a 13-win campaign?
I think it'd be fair to laugh at that guy. But, you probably should have a heartier chuckle at the expense of the FIU Athletic Director, Pete Garcia.
Who's laughing now? Probably still Thomas.
No one will second-guess Thomas as a player...and FIU's site makes sure you don't forget that he was a good one...That said, his resume as a leader-of-men is horrible.
He bankrupted the CBA a year and one-half after purchasing the second-tier pro basketball league.

He took the Indiana Pacers from a good team...and made them into a mediocre squad. And the personnel moves he requested while at the helm, later made a once-proud franchise, with a good following, into a malcontent-infested cesspool of gangsters with no fans.
And his time with the Knicks? Genus, sheer genius.
Who knows what Isiah's vision for FIU basketball is...But I'm sure it includes marijuana, sexually harassing members of the athletic department and spending waaaaaay too much money. In other words, championship!

Pete Garcia- congrats on a job well done. Hats off to you for making an excellent career move.
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I love him.

I'm Just Like Tiger Woods