I'm Just Like Tiger Woods

I love golf and I really enjoyed the Masters again this year, but when this guy (Angel Cabrera, pictured) wins a major, it doesn't do much for the argument that this should be considered a "real sport." He's overweight, he's aging and he smokes. Then again, I guess that's why many of us love golf -- because we never feel truly out of it if guys like this can win.

I did feel bad for Kenny Perry, who seems like a truly nice guy but who imploded with two holes to go. Had this been Phil Mickelson, we'd be talking about it for months. Because it was Kenny Perry, though, it'll only sort of be remembered. Kind of like Jean Van de Velde.

But the inspiration for the title of this post was Tiger's situation on the 18th on Sunday. Playing well for most of the day, he hits his drive wayward and into some trees. Hell, I miss the fairway plenty. So he then has to punch it out. I'm also familiar with this shot. And then he shanks it and it rockets off a tree in a far different direction than he intended.

I'm telling you, I'm just like this guy. We were even born the same year and have hot wives. It's amazing you can tell us apart.

Best. Hire. Ever.

ESPNChicago. Seriously.