SI Letter Writers Make Me Laugh Sometimes

I had to get this in this week because I read the "Letters" section of Sports Illustrated this week and while there are often ones that can be mocked, I just loved one in particular.

After Texas beat Oklahoma in a 45-35 shootout on October 11, SI ran a cover story on Colt McCoy. Now, I'm not McCoy promoter, but the kid is indeed pretty good. The subhead on the SI cover said "Grit and cowbells take down Oklahoma." I'm not even sure what that means, but whatever. Now, the letter:

The critical factor in Texas's win over Oklahoma was not the Longhorn "grit" or the "cowbells" that you mention, and certainly not Colt McCoy outplaying quarterback Sam Bradford. It was the devastating injury to Sooners linebacker Ryan Reynolds. That was the deciding moment in the game and the major reason the Oklahoma defense was unable to stop the Longhorns.

Incredibly -- and you'll never believe this -- the dude who wrote it (John P. Ross) is from...wait for it... Edmond, Oklahoma. Shocker, I know.

I love how angry these hayseeds get. Sometimes it leads to fans killing one another, as happened in Alabama last weekend. Other times, letter-writers might write in and admit they're biased but still point out something like Reynolds' knee injury. But not John P. Ross of Edmond, Oklahoma. No, John P is not here to offer his opinion, but rather to tell you -- factually -- why the game went the way it did.

You see, it's not possible that Colt McCoy is better than Sam Bradford (who threw two picks in the game -- just sayin'). The main reason this game went as it did was because, in the third quarter, an OU linebacker got hurt.

You see, because, otherwise, Ryan Reynolds would have been flying all over the place, batting down passes, tackling rushers and blocking kicks.

I guess I just think it's funny that this clown thinks that if a linebacker hadn't gotten hurt with a quarter and a half left to play, this shootout would have ended differently and that that's clear to anyone who knows anything.

What do you bet John P is in his mid-40s, has a house fully decorated in Sooner red, and has no idea where the classrooms are at OU?

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I wouldn't worry Charlie...All is well.