I wouldn't worry Charlie...All is well.


A few years ago as Tiller's view of success blurred a bit, some Purdue fans, myself included, began grumbling...Our Boilers had flirted with .500 records and just-above .500 records a few times too many, so we weren't happy.

So, when a program that was* once a monster in the college football world** slipped to 5-4 on the shoulders of losses to mediocre teams, one might think there would be some inside said athletic program (and inside the subway fanbase) that would want to see some things change.

Well, you'd be wrong.

There's nothing wrong in South Bend, no need to worry...The Manatee just got the always credible "vote of confidence" from his boss.

UND Athletic Director, Jack Swarbrick*** (great name, by the way) said of this season,

"We're clearly a lot better than we were last year. That's what you're looking for. You're looking for progress."

Congrats, Jack and hats off to Chuck, Pickles and the throngs of blue chips who call South Bend home...Everything is going great! Jack's got a point afterall, at this time last year, the Irish only had ONE win...If my math is correct, this year's results are a 500% improvement! Fantastic! Sign that big, handsome, smug fella to another 10-year, $30 or $40 MILLION extension, gosh darnit, he's earned it, afterall!

UND plays another very tough opponent**** Saturday as travel to a neutral site to face Navy. Can't wait to see which bowl the worthy and much-improved Irish get invited to in a few weeks!

Wake up the echoes*****, young men!

*(I'm told)

**(sorry, it doesn't ring any bells with me as my memory is foggy before 15 years ago)

How do you know if a lawyer's lying? What you've heard that one???)

****(Toughness of opponent defined when compared to the rest of the Irish's 'brutal' Independent schedule)

*****(The echoes I speak of are echoes of the Faust, Davie and Willingham Eras)

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