Boiler Men's Basketball Notes

Catch A Tiger By His Toe?

In the 2012 Big Ten/ACC Challenge -- which the Big Ten now dominates (three straight) but ESPN has decided it is bored with -- Purdue will take on Clemson on the road. The Tigers had a down year in 2011-2012 and finished 16-15 (8-8 in the ACC), with no postseason appearance.

The Boilers will head into South Carolina to take on Clemson on Weds night, Nov 28. This will be the third time the two schools will have played in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge, which strikes me as odd since there are plenty of ACC teams the Boilers have yet to play. (Purdue won in 2003 at Mackey and lost in 2007 at Littlejohn Coliseum.)

Put On Your Painter Gear

The Matt Painter basketball camps will again be featured this summer and more information for those interested can be found here.

Purdue and Matt Painter will once again offer two Player Development Camps in 2012, with the first running from June 10-13 and the second to be held from June 24-27. At the residential/commuter camps, participants are instructed in advanced offensive skills in addition to reinforcement of the game’s basic fundamentals. Take-home drills are designed to help campers increase their level of play.
Purdue’s coaching staff, with the help of current Boilermaker players, will also simulate both a practice and an individual workout, as well as talk about the importance of agility and weight training.

No word on whether proper belt sizing and men's glasses fashion will be on the agenda.


The Boilers will visit Rome, Florence, Venice and Lake Como this August as part of a tour of world domination. Or something. The tour will be Aug 7 to Aug 17 and if you are a deep-pocketed JPC'er like Boilerdowd, you too can get on board for a mere seven grand or so. I know that I, for one, love exhibition basketball, so get your tickets now before they sell out.

The good news is the last time the Boilers did a summertime, international tour they wound up winning the conference championship and went to the Sweet 16. You know, the sort of thing you would build a trophy case around.

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