Optimism About Purdue From A Purdue Site

If you've been reading/listening long enough, you know we love to have Travis from H & R come visit us on the Handsome Hour podcast and sprinkle some optimism into our negativity milkshakes. He's a guy who can find something positive about being in a line for airport security, so he always finds a scenario for Purdue that ends with Danny Hope being carried off the field by his players at the National Championship Game. (I'm only slightly kidding.)

So today he chimes in over at Off Tackle Empire in an insanely long, nearly-5000-word post that is ostensibly about Purdue football but seems to spend a fair percentage of the time talking about Ohio State's classic colors. Yeah, I don't know, either. It's a lot of words.

I'll save you some time and give you my favorite excerpt from it, which naturally comes from the lovable Travis:

I am cautiously optimistic that we might sneak into the Big Ten title game. It will take some luck, but OSU is ineligible, Penn State and Illinois just changed coaches and are in disarray, and IU is still IU. That leaves Wisconsin, whom I think is the heavy favorite in the division. If we beat Penn State at home and shock Wisconsin, who knows what will happen. We might slide into the title game at 6-2 or even 5-3 (losing to OSU, Michigan, and Iowa) with some help at that point because of OSU's issues. Sure, it might be through the crawl space instead of the back door, but I'd take it.

To the other guys in the roundtable... how did you not go after him on this? All Purdue needs to do is sneak past PSU and shock Wisconsin? It's a formula, people!

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