How Ya Feelin'?

We had a great podcast last night...had a few callers, some good conversation...lots of hugging.

In all seriousness, the Podcast is growing slowly and as J and I figure out these new-fangled computers, the weekly event might even get better. If you listened, you heard that both J and I aren't real optimistic...But that doesn't change the fact that we really don't like the rich kids coming to RA this Saturday.

So consider this an invite-
-Tell us what's your favorite UND memory and why?
-Why is it so easy to hate the domers?

I'll start-

I have two memories that come to mind. The first UND v. Purdue game I attended was in the Hoosier Dome. I had been to a PR event in the dome months before for the Colts, but had never really heard a venue that loud, at that point in my life. My Mom, Dad, older brother, Grandpa and I went to the game, but we had to sit apart from eachother. Every time Everett would lead Purdue down the field to score, I could see my brother literally running up and down the aisle of the dome. Pretty great...and at 9 years old, it set me in the right direction.

The second memory that comes to mind was the '97 game. I had graduated the previous May from Purdue and had just gotten a job out on the East Coast. But, I had tickets for the Purdue v. UND game in RA before I moved out of the Midwest. With Purdue coming off of a disappointing loss to Toledo, I wasn't expecting too much. And since I didn't get to see any of the Toledo game, I didn't know what to expect. That offense was fun to watch...they passed about every down...and even when an older Joe Tiller might have sat on the lead, Cowboy Joe didn't...he kept passing. The subplot, as you all know was pretty tasty- Purdue had wanted to hire Bob Davie, but Davie ended up at UND...turns out this hiring loss was actually a gain. Following my four years at Purdue, this one was nearly unbelievable.

Take a moment and remind yourself about the mentality that forces you to hate UND...
Erin Piroutek

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