Say Hello to Purdue's new DC

Not sure if I feel real good about this hire...I really thought they could get a guy with BSD coaching experience*. Kind of how I feel with Hope- I'm going to wait and see until I judge. That said, my gut feeling about an older coach with not-the-best resume isn't a good one.

Donn Landholm

I thought for sure that Hagen would get a look for this job...since he wasn't hired, I think he might be the next Boiler coach to hit the road...Please note, I have no reason other than opinion to say this. Also note that I don't know if Hagen was the right guy for the job or not, either.

To me, this is a bit of the continuation of a blah day for Purdue football.

In other news you probably already know, Purdue hired Cornell Jackson as the running backs coach. I like this hire a bit better as he's coached BSD schools and is an African American which surely won't hurt recruiting...That said, he's been a defensive coach for most of his career. Once again; wait and see, I guess.

*other than GA or volunteer experience

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