Purdue Moves Up, And Other Rankings Hijinks

The Boilermakers will have to wait a little while longer to be #1 in the nation, as Duke squeaked by them for the top spot, garnering 30 first place votes to Purdue's zero.

The Boilers did move up a spot to #17 after beating a ranked team on the road. Hmmm, let's see what else happened in the top 25.

It's interesting to us the undeserved respect that the Big East continues to get. For example, Syracuse got run out of the gym by Pitt and followed that with another double-digit loss to Louisville and yet only fell seven spots to 15. In more egregious name-recognition voting, Notre Dame got beat at home by admittedly very good UConn, yet is still ranked 22. They only fell three slots, yet they have a 12-6 record. 12-6? Seriously? Michigan is 14-6 and they beat Duke and UCLA, yet they don't even get a sniff at the top 25 this week. Yeah, that Big Ten sure is a down conference.

How about Georgetown? Another sterling 12-6 record, and do you know what they did last week? They lost by 17 to unranked West Virginia and by five to..... Seton freaking Hall. But by all means, let's keep them in the top 25. They've earned it.

Just more proof that the rankings are complete silliness.

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