A Sad Ending to a Pain-Filled Career

Torri Williams has been courageous in the way he has battled injuries and adversity during the last four years. Multiple catastrophic injuries that have ended the careers of other athletes were merely speedbumps for Williams. The talented Texan that has seen much less playing time than he might have, had circumstance been different, has probably played his last snap for the gold and black.

Leading into his final season on campus, Williams has had another brush with the law...this one the most troubling and perplexing. Few details have come out, but Williams was arrested on suspicion of theft earlier this week. While Tiller has been too lax (in my opinion) with his discipline toward Boilers who end up behind bars, I don't think he'll let Williams back on the team after this one.

Williams recurring troubles include multiple arrests for driving with a suspended license and OWI...Hopefully, Williams finds a way to right his life and stay out of trouble...Regardless, I don't think he'll have the opportunity to do so at Purdue.

Less-important, but noteworthy is the fact that Purdue's defensive backfield is already thin due to graduations of a few former starters. It looks like the undersized Brandon Erwin will see quite a bit of playing time in the fall and Brandon King might not get to move back to corner as many hoped he would.

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