Note To IU: You're Kidding Yourself

In an effort to save itself from pending doom, the IU Athletic Department announced that after a half-assed investigation, they agree with all five allegations brought up against Sampson and Co. while at IU. The university also believes it's suffered enough during the last year and doesn't deserve any further punishment from the NCAA.

"Since the University now has a new coaching staff that was not involved in any way with these phone calls (or the other allegations) and since this staff already has to serve the remainder of the self-imposed penalties, the University continues to believe additional penalties are unnecessary," the school's response said.

I have one question for IU, its fans and its staff-

Are you serious?

Here's the problem I have with this train of thought- You did it to yourselves...Plain and simple, you now must pay the cost.

No one made IU hire a cheater...They did it themselves in an effort to win, right now, at any cost.

No one made IU throw Sampson's assistant under the bus in an effort to diffuse the situation...They did it themselves in an effort to brush a more serious punishment aside.

No one made IU loosen its self-imposed sanctions on Crean...They did it themselves while trying to give a quick-fix to the world of sh*t that the program is now in.

Say whatever you want IU fan, but you're not going to convince me that the university is not somewhat, if not very culpable for the rules that have been broken at your university in the last two years.

Sampson has responded by saying he never knowingly broke any rules. Here's the fact, Kelvin- IU and the NCAA are going to believe you right around the time I believe IU.

Neither is ever going to happen, and for good reason.

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