BS Tourney Challenge Update

Just a quick check-in on our standings after the round of 16 as we're now down to 8 teams left.

A WHOLE LOT OF 3'S has himself a three-point lead, which is actually a big lead in our league, with so many bunched together and 11th place only six points back.

Boilerdowd is making the editors of Boiled Sports look good with his current stand-alone position in second place with 69 (dude) points.

I haven't had a chance to review everyone's brackets in detail but I did click on maybe 12-15 last night and noticed that nearly all of them had the same exact Final Four as me -- UNC, KU, UCLA and Texas. So if that happens, there will be quite a cluster at the top.

I also feel I must point out that last time I trumpeted Boilerdowd's sheer genius for picking Davidson to upset Georgetown, but I've since seen that he wasn't the only one. And I did happen to notice that entry The NCAA What Now? actually has Davidson where they are, in the Elite Eight. Now that's prognosticating, people. (And if anyone else had that, let me know and I'll issue yet another public apology that results from my desire to go play golf instead of studying your damn brackets.)

As for me, I'm one lone point ahead of my wife at this point so the mood is tense in the Money household. I've decided that if she beats me, her reward will be a coupon for one hour of solid lovin'. To be broken into 30 two-minute sessions, of course. (See, I made the joke for you to save you the trouble.)

Finally, we had some more entrants lose their championship picks but, really, we have a lot still alive for this late in the tourney. But in the round of 16, Cheap Seats (Stanford), Da Bracket #2 (Tenn), Cleveland Boiler (Tenn), The Bu Yo (Tenn), Crackbabies 2 (MSU), I EAT BS ALL THE TIME (Wisconsin) and The Nut High (Washington State) all lost the dream to have the champ correct. They join Florida Boilers (Georgetown), Countarfit...Son (Purdue), Coin Toss (Purdue), TruWinner (Duke), Frosh Boilers (Pitt), dwaine squad (K State) and Random (Gonzaga) against the wall waiting for the next game of dodgeball.

This means 68 players still have the chance to be correct. What this means? I don't know. I have no point, as usual. But I have to go now. My adirondack chair is a cheating little whore and I need to go make sweet love to it before it cheats on me with my other patio furniture.

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Is it considered cheating if it's with patio furniture?