Now That Was Fun!

With the remote in hand, I switched back and forth from Fox, to NBC, to ESPN. It was a great night of made for fat guys like me.

30 Rock and The Office were funny as usual...and The Red Sox showed that they can do it with pitching too...But my favorite part of the night was the drama displayed in Blacksburg, VA.

The entire contest...or at least the majority of it was dampered by rain. At times, the rain was pretty hard to. It kept BC's high-powered offense from moving the ball with their normal efficiency. With about 55:00 played, Coach Jags, Matt Ryan & Co. decided it was time to unleash the hounds. First, Matt Ryan led the Eagles down the field on a 92-yd. drive. The problems he had earlier with VaTech's pressure was aided by the fact that Virginia Tech dropped their linebackers into coverage on many plays. This gave Ryan all of the time he needed to methodically march his offense to a score.

Ironically, Virginia Tech was not able to secure the game with special teams, and they allowed BC to recover an onside kick on around the 35. VaTech's defense was tired now...they applied pressure, but Ryan looked like the big kid on the playground keeping the D-Ends at an arms length as he bought time again and again en route to the game-winning score. Many in the stadium thought the game was over about :15 before the game-winner, but a hold brought the play back and helped set up a 3rd and 20. Ryan had a chance to run the ball and set up a game-tying field goal, but instead he avoided the blitz right then rolled left and threw a dagger off of his left foot to his running back, Callender, who had broken off his route and found a soft spot in the Hokies' Prevent zone. While winning, the Eagles broke the three-week losing streak of AP #2 teams...a jinx that looked like it would stay alive for at least one more week.

Ryan ran off the field, knocked coach Jags on his can...and was so jacked about the moment that he threw up on the sidelines...on national TV. This is part of the reason I love college football so much. The dude had used it all.

Right after the game was over, I couldn't help but dream about the same scenario with Purdue's number 12...Coming off a 9-3 (10-3 after the big bowl win) campaign, Painter is given some rope and develops a bit more in the off-season and leads the Boilers to a huge national-spotlight win versus another top-10 opponent and keeps Purdue's national title hopes alive...ahhhhhhhh. Granted, that talk is as delusional as an IU fan who thinks Sampson isn't a cheater or a domer who really believes Weis is still a genius...But much like those fans, I'm enjoying my fantasy for the time being.

Boston College is still my favorite Catholic college football a lot! Keep it going Superfans!!! Ryan for Heisman! You the man, Jags!

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