Purdue-MSU: Halftime Report

Well, our Boilers -- spurred on by boilerdowd's presence in the crowd -- have leapt to a 34-18 halftime lead over the 8th-ranked Spartans. 

Can any of us say we expected this? I don't think we can. I think every reasonable Purdue fan (yes, there ARE reasonable Purdue fans) expected the Baby Boilers to lay an egg at some point. And to be in true Purdue fashion, doing it in a nationally-televised home game might be the expected time for that to occur. 

But it's not happening so far. The Boilers are playing at a frenetic pace and it's looking more and more like one of those games where you make your own breaks. The Boilers seem to be getting some good calls and catching some breaks, such as the airball that Robbie Hummel saved before getting it back and draining a three from the corner. Or the multiple charges that Sparty's been called for. Or how about the dozen turnovers committed by MSU? Good teams make their own luck and the Boilers appear to be doing that. 

Another half of basketball remains and we all know a lot can happen in twenty minutes of ball. But for now, it appears that the guys are continuing to listen to Coach Painter and look as focused as they've looked all season. Brent Musburger has even discovered Purdue! It only took twenty-five games! Welcome, Brent. 

Mackey looks to be a complete nuthouse right now and I wish I was there. Expect a full report from our man who is in the nuthouse right now. 

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