Boilers Bounce Spartans: Win Streak Reaches Ten

But the AP says we're a LOT better than those Boilermakers!

Gee, I wonder if Terry Hutchens still thinks that Robbie Hummel is undeserving of the rating he got as a Purdue recruit? I think I'll email him and ask. But not tonight. No, tonight, I'm going to enjoy this latest Purdue hoops victory. And how cool is this winning against top ten teams? Is this what that feels like? We were still high on the Wisco win at HOME when the Boilers swaggered into the Kohl Center and swept the Badgers. And then we were still savoring that when tonight suddenly arrived and -- lo and behold! -- the Boilers were more focused than we could ever fairly expect them to be... and then won AGAIN, this time over another top ten team. Wouldn't it be cool if the football team EVER did this?
Hey, national media! Hey ESPN! Anyone outside the Big Ten paying attention to the Boilers yet? Anyone notice this team has won TEN straight games and is 11-1 in the Big Ten? Alone in first place? A game at Northwestern is currently all that stands between the Boilers and their showdown next Tuesday night with IU... at Assembly Hall.
Meanwhile, the Hoosiers have Wisco and MSU between now and next Tuesday. Let's hope they lose one of those games so that going into the game, Purdue has a one-game lead (I never like to overlook games but if we don't beat Northwestern on Saturday, we don't deserve any ranking at all)... better yet, is it out of the question for IU to lose to BOTH Wisconsin and MSU? No, it's not, but the Hoosiers have them both at home so it's not likely.
Damn, I wish we had Kelvin Sanctions and Co. is West Lafayette this year. But hey, the road doesn't scare these guys. Nothing seems to scare them.
Now, as we wait for Boilerdowd's reporting from the scene, I'll go craft my email to Terry.

(Erin Andrews Sighting) Holy Crap! What a beautiful sight!!!

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