Are You Excited?

Are you excited? I know I am. It's April 15 and, aside from the excitement of tax day, it's the day the Notre Dame 2011 "The Shirt" is revealed.

Just the title "The Shirt" speaks volumes about the arrogance and self-importance associated with Notre Dame football. The idea that it's actually exciting to see which poorly-designed shirt concept was selected for this fall is also silly. But since there's not much to write about, it's always fun to make fun of Notre Dame.

Since this year's shirt isn't announced until late afternoon today (with special appearance by Brian Kelly -- OMG!!!), we'll just take a look back at some previous shirts, including our favorites...and perhaps make some suggestions for this year's slogan.

2009 -- "Rise and Strike. Defend our Honor."

Or, just get your honor violated week after week after week, while your obnoxious, arrogant coach alienates absolutely everyone and throws his own players under the bus.

2008 -- "Wake up the echoes. Notre Dame will rise again."

But not this year. We'll let you know when.

I also like that they couldn't think of too much original so they copied the '94 shirt and did "wake up the echoes" again.

2006 -- "Tradition. This is the day and you are the team."

...that will continue the decade-plus bowl victory drought.

2003 -- "Here come the Irish. There's a magic in the sound of their name."

Their name is Houdini?

Ah, but perhaps our favorite of all time was 2005:

"The Spirit Lives. If you could bottle the Notre Dame spirit, you could light up the universe."

Wow. I am still awed by horribly stupid that is. I remember us running into UND guys who were mortified by it. That slogan sounds like something one of our mothers would come up with after leaving church or something. Yay, spirit!

As for 2011, what would be a good slogan?

"Notre Dame football: Celebrating one bowl win since our freshmen were born."

"Notre Dame football: Too sexy for a conference."

"Notre Dame football: Reminiscing with IU basketball fans about the mid-to-late '80s for a quarter century."

"Notre Dame football: Remember when we mattered?"

"Notre Dame football -- It was honestly a beautiful day."

Please feel free to improve upon these.

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