Matty's New Hire: Micah Shrewsberry

GBI reported this morning that Matt Painter has hired one of Brad Stevens' assistants, Micah Shrewsberry to join his staff. Shrewsberry has been at Butler for four years, on the coaching staff for three. Prior to that, he was Butler's Director of Basketball Operation. Before coming to Butler, he was IU-SB's head coach.

A few weeks ago, we had Shrewsberry on our master list of coaches that needed to be interviewed by this is further proof* that Painter looks to BS for personnel advice (good move, coach). Micah and I went to school together, so I'm a big fan of this hire. But outside of my bias, I think anyone who watches college basketball can see why his hire makes a ton of sense.

I have no idea what the "Butler Way" truly is...but we know that it includes recruiting players that play fundamentally-sound basketball, playing hard-nosed defense, and having people in the system that buy in to playing a role and being ready to step up when called upon. I think those fundamentals translate well into the way Painter, Butler plays man-to-man, almost exclusively- that couldn't have hurt Shrewsberry's odds during the interviewing process.

Shrewsberry is the second tangible example of Purdue's move toward a new future (after Painter's new contract). Perhaps Shrewsberry took some of the magic dust from Hinkle that helped the Bulldogs find their way to two-straight national title games? Perhaps not. But it seems that Shrewsberry will take Mike Jackson's place on the bench. Jackson's loss is a big one, but the sting might not be as bad as it could have been had Painter not picked this coach.

Welcome to God's Country, Coach Shrewsberry!

*There is no proof that Coach Painter visits this site, let-alone seeks counsel from the BS staff...but he probably should...because we're kind of a big deal.

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