Fact Fondue - The Hawkeyes

The final game in gold and black for the seniors in front of the R-A faithful. Purdue ends the season at home with a chance to make a bowl game and a chance to take their rivals behind the shed to get to a better location and time.

For once, no embarrassing picture, this is just too awesome.

For now, the other farm boys are getting the 'Can-o-Kerosene' under their hides.

  • The two teams haven't met since 2008; three years ago this week  Iowa won by 5
  • Purdue hasn't won a senior day since IU in 2008 - The 62 to 10
  • Official colors are Black and Old Gold...
    • Established in 1847, no source found for when they adopted colors
    • We did not copy their colors, we stole the idea of Princeton's orange and black, but the trustees thought orange was hideous.
  • Established less than 2 months after Iowa was made a state
    • called State University of Iowa, not called University of Iowa until 1964
  • First state university to recognize GLBTQ individuals and admit women at an equal rate as men
  • I feel bad including this, but I have never heard this fact and I don't think many of you have either - highlight to read if you would like
    • Lesser known victim of a campus shooting in 1991, shooter felt his doctorate dissertation should have been praised higher
  • In 2009 - tied with Purdue and UConn for 66th best school in the US
  • The Iowa river flows through campus
  • In 2010 - Princeton's Review rated Iowa the 4th best party school in the nation
  • The mascot is Herky the Hawk
    • '97 - Tossed water on a Minnesota band member during below freezing temperatures; was rewarded by getting in a fist fight with another band member and breaking the 40 year old mascot head which the Minnesota band took pieces of as trophies
    • 2010 - the Captain America picture from above debuted against MSU
  • Hawkeyes name comes from the book Last of the Mohicans 
  • Kinnick football stadium is named for Iowa's lone Heisman winner who died in a training flight during WWII
  • In 1970, the university asked the Steelers for permission to model their uniforms after the Pittsburgh Steelers unis

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