The NBA, as you know isn't the most interesting product on the television. But, in a typical summer, I usually really enjoy taking in quite a few playoff games. The reason is simple- for me, there's not much else that's sports-related and by this time, with only NHL, WNBA and MLB on the TV, I'm sports-starved.

As usual, I've tuned into the games as I flipped around. Problem is, the product is horrible to watch. It's not the fact that the quality of athlete isn't there. No one will argue that Manu Ginobli, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Pau Gasol, The Big 3 in Boston, and the veterans in Detroit aren't talented, but their games surely have become unwatchable.

I understand why the league instructs its officials to swallow their whistles a bit for the home teams, but what we've witnessed in the '08 playoffs has been goofy if not ridiculous. Last night contest in San Antonio was no exception. The Lakers were getting beaten up...that's what the Spurs do, but they were also getting jobbed while they were on defense. Derrick Fisher got 3 quickly in the first half and the superstar of the league (arguably) was getting smacked every time he shot the ball...and never went to the free throw line for shooting fouls.

I'm by no means a Kobe fan- the guy's an arrogant jerk...but, he does draw fouls. What we've been watching isn't basketball; it's really become like the Harlem Globetrotters, except the Washington Generals change every two games or so.

It's really no wonder the US has been less-than-stellar versus international competition the last few years. But, it's no less sad as it used to be one of America's past times.

Instead of watching the playoffs, I've caught up with Jon & Kate Plus 8 with my wife, Mythbusters reruns, Modern Marvels (any topic) or even Women's college softball (as long as Arizona's playing). I'd love to watch a classic Purdue game, but my pals at Comcast don't carry the Big Ten network, and my buddies at AT&T finally let me know that I can't get UVerse much to my chagrin. I'd love to tell you that I've dug into a book or tow during the last month, but I'm not much of a reader...In fact, reading books usually ends with me napping (a la watching Pistons v. Celtics)...so that's no good.

It's a good thing that it doesn't get dark until 9:00 in Indiana so I can stay outside as long as possible working on my skateboard skills or my killer raindrop jumpshot.

Thanks for nothing, Mr. Stern. I know I'm no longer in the ideal market age group, but seriously, not one of my friends finds the NBA worth a damn any longer.

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