Martin to UND

In a move that actually makes a lot of sense, Scott Martin will be transferring up to UND in the fall. Martin, who was rumored to need more time with his girlfriend and who thought the two-hour drive was too much to get the family support he needed will now be just a short drive away in South Bend.

When asked about what type of player he wants to be when he steps on the floor in that God-forsaken place, Martin replied, "I just want to be someone who comes in and can help do what's best for the team..."

Weird. He didn't seem to care for his initial team when he made the decision to leave Painter and Co. My initial thoughts on this guy were right- Good riddance, young man. Enjoy the turtleneck. Lastly, congrats, Scott, you won't have to live in Robbie's shadow up there.

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