Your Snack o' the Week Suggestion: Triscuits with Cheese

I've been wanting to offer a snack of the week suggestion for a while now and I don't really know what has taken me so long. Consider that I:

-am fat
-love to eat
-enjoy snacking perhaps more than mealtime
-love to spout opinions

Add it up and there's no reason I shouldn't be sharing with you all my favorite snacks.

And this week's Snack o' the Week Suggestion is Triscuits with cheese on them.

I'm starting very high on my list of snacks. I'm not sure it's possible for me to overstate how much I love Triscuits, especially with a nice, large block of cheddar cheese. A block of swiss will work surprising well, too, but I think cheddar is generally the way to go. Extra sharp cheddar, if you're a man and can handle it.

When I was younger and allowed to shop for myself (i.e., not married and aging), I would buy processed cheese whiz or any kind of pseudo-cheese filler that came in a can of compressed air. Good times. But I imagine there's an alarm of some kind that would sound if I tried bringing that into my house nowadays. As I said, go with cheddar.

Triscuits are a just salty enough, but not too salty. We generally have the "Reduced Fat" in our house, but once in a while, for a party or guests or something, Mrs. Money will buy the "Original" Triscuits. Oh what a happy day that is. When Tim was coming to visit a few months ago and my wife asked them if they liked cheese and crackers as a snack (for shopping/planning purposes), he responded with "Cheese and crackers will be eaten the moment they are put out, possibly sooner." My sentiments exactly. (Warning: Sometimes creative wives will buy a variant of Triscuits, such as "Garden Herbs." My wife has done this and you get all excited seeing that familiar box and then your snacking hopes and dreams are crushed when you realize she bought a box of Triscuits that, instead of "Garden Herbs," simply taste like the dirt in a garden.)

Triscuits also make you feel dangerous because if you eat them too fast, like I do, they tend to splinter into small pieces and shards that you can easily inhale into your windpipe. Best to have a beverage handy with these little devils, because they also dry your mouth out. Ever try eating a generous helping of Triscuits without something to wash them down? You can't do it.

They're especially handy during all these 12 noon/11 central start times. You are hungry but don't feel you have time to go make lunch, lest you miss Keith Carlos dropping another pass. So load up on Triscuits -- you'll be fulfilled without feeling like you ate poorly, especially if you go with the Reduced Fat option. "See, honey? Wheat! Whole grain! Reduced Fat! They're healthy! I should eat the whole box!"

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