Three Years of Our Nonsense

Lo and behold, it's been almost 1,100 days and more than 1,700 posts since the launch of Boiled Sports. November 6, 2006. A day that will live in Purdue sports infamy. Okay, maybe not.

We just wanted the mark the occasion of our wee little site's three-year anniversary by thanking (hey, it's the month for giving thanks!) the readers of the site for....

-- stopping by in the first place
-- for commenting (even though many readers do not, which is fine)
-- for putting up with us as we learned our way towards being decent bloggers
-- for making us a part of your day/week/month/whatever
-- for dealing with our mood swings
-- for joining us IN those mood swings
-- for reminding us of how incredible it is to be a part of the Purdue family
-- for showing everyone what being a true fan is about
-- for your pride
-- for your insightful comments
-- for your caring enough to get emotional at times

Hey, the list could go on. Point is, this is so much fun and we truly love -- cherish, even -- being even a small destination for Purdue fans. We started the site basically because we needed an outlet for our sports-related brain dumps (and a place to make fun of Charlie Weis). If we were able to entertain some of our friends along the way, that'd be great, too. And now we're here. Don't get us wrong -- we don't think we're big time in any way. We're just happy we get to help you pass the time and maybe give you a place to hear some true Purdue fan opinion and to vent your own opinions.

So, basically... thank you, thank you, thank you.

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