(Erin Andrews Sighting) Holy Crap! What a beautiful sight!!!

View from our seats (directly across from the greatest student section in America)

The scene was incredible...the Paint Crew was just off the hinges...and their energy even got the old people to yell, quite a bit actually, especially during the many shot clock violations.

I have to tell you, I've watched this year in bars, restaurants, and at home on HD...and it was even more impressive in person. I honestly could not believe how great the view from section 18, row 15 was...and I'm not even talking about the game. Erin Andrews was set up right in front of us...so we had tremendous seats by any account. Below are a few pictures that we took with Boilerdowd's younger brother's phone. You really can't understand how good looking Ms. Andrews is until you've seen her up close. Check it out:

That's not me, for those of you who don't know me...that's my brother...the other one is the much-nicer-than-I-thought-she'd-be-in-person Erin Andrews

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