1 minute look at practice

-Indiana heat finally arrived in Weat Lafayette- 90-plus temps and high humidity...it'll only get worse this week though. So Hope is is running practice in 10-minute on, 1-minute off fashion while continuing to demand a fast pace. The team was in shoulder pads for the first time too.

-Worst news out of camp so far- Carlos has a stress factor in his foot, so won't be taking reps for the next few weeks.

As a result, Pegram, the Frosh from Texas got some snaps with the ones. He's pretty impressive on tape, I just don't know how well a true Freshman can do...but how many other options does Hope really have at this point? Maybe Purdue can pull an Iowa as a third or fourth-stringer becomes a force in the BT due to injuries?

Hope had liked Dierking's versatility and potential since last season...that talk will most-assuredly become significant snaps as the depth chart gets thinner.

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Wednesday Morning's 1 minute look at practice

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