Wednesday Morning's 1 minute look at practice

I know that not everyone who visits the site likes practice reports...but I also know, you can never start getting to know your Boilers too early. If your job and schedule don't allow it, we'll try to get you educated quickly in these bite-sized, but tasty, morsels of practice each day in West Lafayette.

Here goes:
-The heat was oppressive once again...and will be. No one left practice early, but it affected the schedule. One part I liked from Hope was hearing that he had the guys battle at the end of 2+hours of practice in one-on-one blocking drills. Example: RBs v. LBs in pass blocking...he likes that it tests their will when their fatigued...good prep for what's coming late in the games.

Newcomer Watch
-Hope and other coaches like a lot of the Freshman. Bruce Gaston, Ricardo Allen and O.J. Ross all had multiple mentions by coaches as guys that will see the field this fall...if not battle for a starting role right away.

Will Lucas is also getting props. It sounds like he's a guy who covers a lot of ground quickly and is very intense, but is still raw.

Trevor Foy (OL), Kevin Pamphile & Justin Kitchens (DL), all RS Freshman, will all be in the mix in the trenches.

-Ryan Kerrigan comes up over and over from coaches on both sides of the ball and the head coach...sounds like he's motivated to do big things again in '10 and add to the Den of D-Ends...sorry for the unintentional rhyming.

And speaking of rhyming...
Swagga (Chris Quinn) and Mr. Ayer (ATM) were bored during their downtime on campus this summer and made this. Be warned, the lyrics aren't safe for work...nor are they very good, but the song is a lot like some of what's on the radio right now (take that however you'd like)...thanks to the Auto Tune. Maybe it's not my thing because "it's for the ladies."

2010 Purdue Football: Game 8

1 minute look at practice