It's almost 2008...Boilers Still Babies...Other notes

Our alma mater's basketball team looked flat-out lousy versus the always-gritty Florida International cagers on Saturday. I don't know if I can remember a Purdue team starting out as poorly as the Boilers did in this contest...but two games come to mind. Purdue v. IU about 4 years ago, I believe, and Purdue v. Ball State back when Majerus was coaching the Cardinals. The point is, it was an extremely sluggish start. Purdue was down 16-0 before Johnson attempted and made the easiest shot on the court. Purdue simply looked like a team that had been on break. Problem is, so had Fla. Int.

No matter, they fought back and led by as many as 19 in the second half and onto the conference schedule. I don't know who it's going to be, but someone on this team needs to take charge of this team offensively. If not, the NIT might be a long shot.

Everbody Sucking the Patriots Nuggets

I thought it was ridiculous on Sports Center last week when the Patriots were compared to the best teams in the NFL's history...before the '07 season was even over. Now that the Patriots are 16-0, ESPN has taken it to another level and given the Patriots their own category in the ticker that scrolls across the screen. It read something like this: NCAAM...NFL...Patriots...

I recognize that the Patriots are darned good, great even...but they're not bigger than the NFL. This isn't the Patriots fault, it's crappy ESPN's.

Congrats Pats fans on a tremendous season. I'm looking forward to watching the Jags punch Moss, Brady & co. in the mouth a few times. The only bad thing about a potential Colts v. Jags match-up is that it would force the Colts to beat a team for a third time in one season. I'm also stoked for Wildcard weekend, should be fun.

They weren't good then...they're still bad
The Lakers went truly retro for their contest v. the Celtics this evening and wore short shorts circa 1986...And while I don't think anybody needs to wear shorts past his knees, no man ever needs to wear shorts like those ever again! The Lakers could only bear to wear their hot pants for a half and changed back into the normal-length shorts for the third quarter. Long shorts, short shorts, same result, the Celtics made Lakers look silly...much like they've done to the rest of the league this season.

So Long, you ugly, not-so-old girl

The city of Indianapolis said goodbye to the RCA Dome as the Colts home stadium this evening. While I don't agree with the trend of knocking down stadiums that are just over 20 years old, I will say that the Lucas Oil Stadium is already impressive and might be the best venue in the league once it's completed.

I attended the first game in the Hoosier Dame as my Boilers defeated Notre Dame there in 1984...and I got to see a bunch of Colts and high school games there, but I've never had warm fuzzy feelings about that stadium. It is and was a utilitarian building that was built toward the end of an era of homely athletic venues. One big benefit of the RCA dome is the way it keeps noise contained...The Oil Can (I think I should trademark that) will probably not be as loud despite the fact that it will be able to hold about 5,000 more fans. Hopefully, the city will be awarded a Super Bowl in the next few years.

Oh by the way, did you get to see Darrell Reid's hit on the Titans' Travis Henry during a kickoff return in the second half of the Colts v. Titans game? I think it might be the most violent football collision I have ever seen. I literally blew a snot bubble in reaction to the play. I don't know why I had such a reaction...but I did.

Announcement Forthcoming?
Purdue's next Leon Burtnett?

The rumor that Purdue's athletic department will name a successor to Joe Tiller in the next two-three weeks is getting louder. Burke told the press that he thought the Keady-Painter transition was nearly ideal...Seems like things are lining up for a similar Tiler-Spack transition, sadly. I just don't know how he can be rewarded with a head coaching position as badly as his defense has played the last few seasons. Let's hope I'm wrong and that when it's official that Joe's moving on, the Purdue athletic department performs and expansive search for a replacement...but I doubt I'm wrong.

The last time Purdue's football program promoted an assistant to head coach, Leon Burtnett took Jim Young's very good Boiler program and ran it aground.

Happy 2008 to you and your family!

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