Giants Tantalize Me

Eli Manning only played like a confused pee-wee player for a few moments in last night's exciting, playoff-like, 38-35 Pats win.

The Giants came out screaming, just as I expected they would, and gave the Patriots a good punch in the mouth. They kept the pressure on, playing good D and keeping the Pats out of the end zone all but once in the first half. I was really impressed with the Giants' physicality and intensity. Even Eli seemed focused and on the money, perhaps knowing there was nothing to lose and so why not just chuck it and trust your skills?

Much like the Eagles, Ravens and Colts, though, the Giants couldn't sustain the superior play and eventually folded. It shows just how damn good the Pats are, frankly. But it also shows that the Giants were able to post 35 points against them and the Giants aren't, shall we say, the Colts.

Also, if the Giants defense didn't simply decide to stop covering Randy Moss, things might have been totally different.

Looks like both teams are ready for the playoffs, though.

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You Heard It Here -- Giants Win