New Boilers Coming Soon

You're likely aware of this if you're a regular reader (and definitely if you're a listener), but the posting schedule may a bit irregular (like Boilerdowd after a buffalo chicken wrap) this week... and beyond for a little while.

Fact is, both Mrs. Money and Mrs. Boilerdowd will each be adding a member to the Boiler faithful this week. Is it weird that we've managed to have our kids potentially on the same exact day? Is it more weird that we scheduled conception for immediately after Handsome Hour broadcasts so our voices were still fresh in each other's heads? I kid.

Anyway, we'll have a guest poster for both the Iowa game on Tuesday and the West Virginia game on 1/1. In the meantime, we'll be in the 'hood still, but probably a little bit preoccupied.

Bear with us -- it's not that we love these new children more than all of you... well, no, that's not true. We do love them more.

J Money's little one is on the way as we speak.
Welcome to the world, Ross Mackey JMoney!!!

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