Saturday Gumbo

Things Still Lined Up
Earlier this evening Seton Hall gave WVU all they could handle as they won on the road in Jersey. I presume all of you were pulling for the Mountaineers as the potential top-10 match-up between our Boilers and Huggy's fellas looks like it will still happen.

During stanzas of the game, WVU mightily struggled with the Pirates frenetic defensive style...can't wait 'til they visit Mackey.

I watched part of the game with my brother-in-law, a fellow Purdue grad. After a SHU made three, I cheered. He said, "You're not cheering for them are you?"

I said, "Kinda- I don't want WVU to lose, but I want them to get pushed by these guys." Got my wish.

By the way, Bob Huggins doesn't look at all like a mobster in his jogging suit and slicked hair.

In a shocker, Urban Meyer is out in Gainsville.

I don't much about what's going on down there, but the cynic in me can't help but have other theories about what's really going on down there.

Regardless of the motivation, Meyer's exit leaves a massive void in college football.

Bad Thing Happens to a Good Dude
All-around good guy Ron Artest fell and hurt himself after tripping over a box in his house. The fall caused him to injure his head and arm.

Call me silly, but I don't know if ole Ron's story makes a whole bunch of sense. Sure, he might drink a bit during halftime of NBA games...but this was just a clumsy accident. Whoopsie!!

I'm not the most-coordinated fellow...and I've never come close to seriously injuring myself just doing chores around the house. Granted, a member of my family once fell like that...he was nearly 80 years old.

Thanks T-Mill
Our pal Travis over at Hammer and Rails sent me a text this afternoon. Looks like our prediction of IU using the aOSU game as shameful self-promotion has come to pass.
Bad news for Glass and Co- full or not, no one wants to look at the new* Memorial one surely wants to pay to look at such an image. The framed photo of the Buckeye fans is already 50% off in an Indianapolis retailer.

*Memorial Stadium is not new...but parts of it are.

Sunday Ramblings

New Boilers Coming Soon