Rob Hummel Does It All, Including Golf and Guest Blogging

Not only is Rob Hummel a rehabbing machine, he also finds time to sit down with fringe basketball writers to share his innermost thoughts, fears, desires and what he looks for in a girl.

No, okay, not really all of that. But Rob did guest-blog on Jeff Goodman's site and it's a fun read.

Among the interesting tidbits were that Rob sounds to be about a 6-8 handicap on the golf course, which is just one more piece of evidence for how great an athlete you have to be to play college and/or pro sports. Think about how little time he has to devote to golf, and yet the guy goes out and shoots a 40 for 9 holes. I only wish.

Also, when JJ called Rob Friday night before announcing he was coming back, Rob was just as excited to hear the news as any of us would be:

"But I'm not going to lie — my heart was pounding through my chest when I called him back."

And then when JJ delivered the news:

"I'm sure my reaction was priceless, but it basically comprised of screaming and jumping up and down like a 5-year-old."

I don't know. That sounds like a guy who wants a national title.

This is one more example of why this team is so easy to like. They connect with their fans in ways few teams do and they understand how excited and hungry Purdue fans and alums are....and they're feeding off of it. Sure, it can lead to an emotional letdown if you let it, but that's the risk you run. I like it this way.

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