Fans of Lawrence Phillips' Alma Mater Casting First Stones

Is that a corncob on your head, or are you just happy to see me?

Well, it didn't take long for Big 12 fans to begin mocking Big Ten teams. You remember the Big 12, right? That conference that Big Ten expansion will probably force to dissolve?

Well, on Saturday, Cornhole Nation (I think that's what it's called -- can't remember) put up a "profile" of Purdue. It's what you might expect from a trade school graduate: uninformed.

Some highlights:

They put up a photo of the Boilers celebrating winning the Bucket and mock the empty stands and hold that up as evidence that it will be easy to "invade" Ross-Ade. Someone may want to tell them that photo is from a road game at Bloomington. Solid reporting.

They say this:

Purdue has just a scant few bragging points with regards to their football program.

And then immediately say this:

Purdue QB's have registered more NFL starts, and accounted for more NFL touchdowns than any other school. 15 Boilermaker quarterbacks have been sent to the NFL, with the most recent and notable being Super Bowl champ Drew Brees. PU has turned 3 of these (Len Dawson, and Bob Griese) into Super Bowl MVP's...also the most from any other school.

I'm curious... when is it not "scant" anymore? Also, how is Eric Crouch's NFL career going?

Some more:

Football Games are played at Ross-Ade (like Gatorade?) Stadium. Recent renovations have reduced it's former seating capacity from 70k down to around 62k seats. So, basically only about 30k will be seeing Purdue black and gold on Husker gamedays.

Ah, I see. Because 30,000+ Husker fans will invade Ross-Ade, right? Not sure if they're aware, but the Big Ten already has football programs like OSU and UM and I'm fairly sure there aren't 30,000+ fans of those programs in R-A when the Boilers play them. But yes, Nebraska, I'm sure your fans are different. Keep in mind, though, 612 miles is a long way to drive a tractor.

The only trophy tradition I could dig up for Purdue was the Old Oaken Bucket.

Must not have dug very hard.

Under a description of our fans, they write:

Smart people. Nerds. (77% of residents hold a bachelors degree or higher).

It tickles me that having a bachelor's degree in Nebraska makes you a nerd.

To their credit, they do share this link in the hopes that Purdue fans resemble her.

Go ahead and read the whole thing and be sure to check out the comments, too, as it didn't take long for Boilermakers to begin going after them. I look forward to the day when we can welcome the Cornhuskers to West Lafayette.

(Thanks to Eric for the heads up.)

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