Big Ten Tournament Prognostication

Since T-Mill was brave enough to share his picks for the BTT over at Hammer and Rails, we figured it's only fair that we fill out a bracket as well. Boilerdowd argued with me a bit on this one, though. First, take a look.

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This is one of the most wide-open BTTs since its inception a dozen years ago. I'd say the only teams with zero shot to win it are IU, Iowa and Michigan. I know Michigan has the horses if they all play well, but they've underachieved the whole season and I don't seem them turning it on now.

While I think Purdue could absolutely win this thing, I just have this feeling they won't. They've had their shaky moments since Rob went down, as well as some very strong moments. So yes, it could totally go either way... I'm just thinking their focus is still on figuring things out without Rob and advancing in the big tourney.

I also think Wisconsin is the smart pick for this tourney. Not because I don't think the Boilers can beat them, because I do. Purdue honestly should be 2-0 against Wisky this year (as usual), but poor FT shooting doomed the Boilers in Madison. I just think Wisconsin is well-coached, talented and kind of under the radar. As T notes in his post, they're the only team to beat all three co-champs. Pretty impressive. (And pretty frustrating, I would think. Beating all three co-champs and finishing as a bridesmaid?)

Boilerdowd's argument with me was that he thinks MSU's fatness (and we know all about fatness) and the fact that they're playing for seeding will mean the Spartans take the BTT seriously -- something they and Coach Izzo don't always seem to do. T-Mill thinks that MSU will lose to PSU, so I guess we'll know right there how seriously MSU is taking this thing and which Purdue site knows how to gauge the BTT.

Truth is, if this thing plays out the way we outline above and Purdue and Wisky meet in the finals, I like Purdue's chances. But picking them to win it when the entire nation seems to think Purdue should simply fold the rest of the season and come back next year would look like being a homer.

Readers, who's winning this thing?

They're Grrrrrrrreat!

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