They're Grrrrrrrreat!

More imaginary hardware for the Ostrich and Smooge. Always good to have people on the national stage give Boilers their due.

Moore is a third team All-American according to some guy who can't tighten a tie and fell asleep under the tanning lamp.

And, Hummel is a third team All-American according to another expert who kinda resembles Mr. Potato Head.

It's odd to me that two experts who both know so much about the game of college basketball don't include the opposite Purdue player in any of their 3 or 4 teams (depending on the site). Parrish, of course thinks Purdue is deserving of a 7-spot drop in his poll since Hummel went down...but he's not anywhere to be found on any of the three of his AA teams.

But, they both agree that the Villain is the player of the year...good news, I guess- anybody other than a Teflon John recruit.

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