Hawkeye Letdown?

So, did that headline get your attention? Good...now that you're here, you can read what we think will happen at Iowa as our Boilers make one of their longest in-conference roadies.

J Says:
The good news is I am not as cranky or miserable about our football program as I was a few weeks ago... and I don't think I'm the only one who now sees some Hope (pun intended, biotches) for next year and beyond. Could it be a similar mold to Matt(y) Painter's success? I think it COULD be. Long way to go, though.

The bad news is that we're still not very good this season. Once again, like pretty much every week, I would not be at all shocked if the Boilermakers won this game. Iowa just had a world-beater game and there's the definite possibility of a letdown -- especially by a mediocre team like Iowa. Problem is, that while they're mediocre, we're poor. Big Ten football, feel the excitement.
UM was terrible and Siller went wild. MSU is pretty good and Siller was contained. I'd say Iowa is somewhere in the middle and I think we'll see a performance somewhere in the middle. That's the thing about the Big Ten this year... it's fairly predictable.

Of course, Painter might play, too, so it's hard to predict much about a team going no where with nothing to play for and an uncertain QB situation.

However, they're also on the road, so whatever little pride they have left can't be all that much and it's not even in front of the home crowd. Senior Day will be different, I think. But sadly, not this Saturday.

Children of the Corn: 27
Makers of Boilers: 16

Tim Says:
I predict that the game will be tied at 17 with 3 seconds left in the game. Purdue has the ball at the 30 yard line on the wrong side of the 50. Siller started, but now they bring in Curtis Painter because Tiller feels he has a stronger arm. The play is a Hail Mary. Five wide outs to the right side. The protection is good. The throw is in the air. It's got the distance. 70 yards in the air! It's deflected... juggled... picked off! The Iowa defender is running at the 10. At the 20. A key block. He's at the 50. He could... go... all... the... way. Touchdown. Iowa wins!

Iowa - 23
Purdue - 17

boilerdowd Says:
Here's the deal, the basketball team opens up tonight, and I'm pretty focused on basketball now. I won't even get to watch this game as I have to go to a wedding in Chicago (which I'm not a fan of to begin with). But, I owe you more than just mailing it in.

This Iowa team is reminiscent of the Purdue teams from the early-00s. They've lost four games, but by a total of 12 points...and the teams that beat them have all been ranked at least some time during this season. Kinnick has been a scary place for Tiller and Company...nightmares of Dallas Clark pop into my head when I think of it...plus, some of the worst games during Tiller's tenure have occurred on the road in '08 (with the exception of aOSU).

I don't think think this offense is going to figure it out this weekend and I don't the Iowa will let down since it's Senior Day and they need wins to insure that they'll go to a respectable bowl.

Iowa 28
Purdue 10

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