Michigan Predicto

J says:
The last time Purdue won at Michigan, man was still three years away from walking on the moon.

Still, as I've said before, despite the bipolar nature of this year's Purdue team, this might very well be the best chance to beat Michigan at Michigan in our Purdue-watching lives. Last win there was 43 years ago. But we OWNED 'em there in the '60s! Yeeeeahhh!!!

Okay, well, back to reality. It's really as simple as it's been for a while now. If happy Purdue team shows up, it's a happy day and a good-feeling victory. Plus watching Michigan continue down the death-spiral is kind of fun, too. But if last week's Purdue team shows up, it could very well be just as bad.

As boilerdowd noted to me, UM is not a rough and tough team. They're a little more finesse. And if they play that way, Purdue can own 'em. However, if they punch Purdue in the mouth early, like Northern Illinois and Wisconsin did, Purdue may run away whimpering like my dog when I get mad.

So what am I saying? That Purdue could win OR lose? Yes! Helpful, aren't I?

Unlike our buddy T-Mill over at Hammer and Rails, I DO NOT think this is a "Sharpie" game by any stretch. Purdue is as good as Michigan, plain and simple. At Ross-Ade, I definitely pick the Boilermakers. On a neutral field, I definitely pick the Boilermakers. At Michigan? I don't know. I've never seen it happen. Is it possible? I've seen aliens land in my backyard as frequently as I've seen Purdue even be IN a damn game at Michigan.

I have no idea. I'd love to say win, but what have they shown us to make me think that will happen?

Michigan 28
Purdue 20

Tim says:
Purdue should win this game. Let's just get that straight. Purdue will not will this game. That can be written in stone. Michigan just doesn't impress me. In a lot of ways they're like the Boilermakers. You don't know which team is going to show up in any given week. Is it the team that hung tough against Iowa or the team that got blown out by Illinois? I don't know which is worse, losing 38-13 to Illinois, or losing 37-0 to Wisconsin. One of those teams is good and one is definitely not.

You can argue X's and O's all day long. In the end, it's impossible to predict because you just have no idea which Purdue team or which Michigan team will show up. I'm fairly confident that the wrong Purdue team will appear this weekend. I'm also fairly confident that as long as the OSU version of Purdue doesn't appear, it won't matter which Michigan team shows up. Still with me? Me neither.

Michigan 28
Purdue 17

boilerdowd says:
My Dad's not a particularly young man...he's not ancient, but not young either. He got to see LeRoy and Bob play in Pasadena in person...he saw Mount play in the first game in Mackey.

I don't remember these things...because they happened ten years before I was born. I also don't remember the last time Purdue beat Michigan at the Big House...most of our regulars don't. But it still happened.

Seven different coaching staffs have all had the same mental block. In a relatively-recent contest, Joe Tiller decided to dress Purdue in see-through white uniforms on a rainy afternoon to attempt to mix things up and break up the drought. And, while J enjoyed watching the strapping college men in translucent uniforms, the change of attire yielded the same result: An overwhelming defeat.

Historically, Michigan is a much-better program. UM is also, historically, a hard-nosed program that beats up teams by controlling the trenches. This isn't your father's Michigan squad.

Purdue has struggled mightily against teams that have locked their collective jaw and played power football versus Purdue. Northern Illinois controlled the game, Minnesota didn't need to throw double-digit passes, Wisconsin had their uglies and a lump of Clay manhandle the Boilers. Michigan isn't a power football team...and the weather at kickoff should be quite nice- sunny and in the 50s.

not powerful

Last week Purdue looked cold and disinterested...I don't think it'll happen again this week as the Seniors understand that their last few games of organized football might be staring them in the face. I like this Senior class...and probability simply has to point to a victory at a venue every generation or so, right?

Gigantic surprise of the season #2 comes in the form of a win that's not-so-dramatic. Hugs 'n kisses to the Roundtree family, as Roy goes 0-2 versus Purdue.

Purdue 33
Michigan 24

To your call once more we rally, Alma Mater, hear our praise;
Where the Wabash spreads its valley, Filled with joy our voices raise.
From the skies in swelling echoes Come the cheers that tell the tale,
Of your vict'ries and your heroes, Hail Purdue! We sing all hail!

Hail, hail to old Purdue! All hail to our old gold and black!
Hail, hail to old Purdue! Our friendship may she never lack,
Ever grateful ever true, Thus we raise our song anew,
Of the days we've spent with you, All hail our own Purdue.

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