Say It Ain't So, Matty!

We heard earlier this week from Peegs that the IU coaching search has heated up a bit and favorites are starting emerge from the rabid speculation. In a shocking next chapter, Matt Painter has been mentioned and has confirmed that he's reciprocating the love IU's giving.

"I grew up an IU fan, my family even had an IU room" Said the Delta HS product, "I'd be foolish not to think about coaching there. It is a dream job afterall...great facilities, amazing tradition and big talent that Purdue simply doesn't have the resources to keep on campus."

A shocked and angered Morgan Burke reacted by saying, "I really didn't think this day would come, but with a tremendously successful program in the same state, it always is in the back of your mind."

No contract has been signed, but according to sources from Indianapolis to Martisnville, the contract is a formality. "If it's not Painter, it'll probably be Phil Jackson...The ball is in Greenspan's court right now" Said one Hoosier fan.

In related news, the NCAA has granted IU center, DJ White an additional year of eligibility citing hardship as the reason for giving such an exception. "I can't wait to put on the cream and crimson next year...We're going to raise another banner on IU's campus next season."

As the Blue Ribbon panel nears its decision on whom to hire, another bluechip-filled class signed and about everyone returning, the future appears very, very bright down in Bloomington.

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