Jane In Accounting Thinks This Bracket Business Is Easy

And do you know why she thinks that? Because all four number 1 seeds have made it to the Final Four. How effing boring. But at least it should mean that the Final Four games are actually good this year, unlike most of the games in recent years. Four powerhouses, the four everybody theoretically should want to see are there. And even though I have Kansas winning it all, I have to admit I was pumped to see Davidson hang with them yesterday. Until, of course, they realized they were "just Davidson" and coaching decisions were left to Steph Curry's mom or something. Seriously, with a timeout to draw up a play and 16 seconds on the clock, down by two, the best you can do is give the ball to Curry and... what?

"Okay, men... this is what it all comes down to... I, I... um... gulp... I don't know, I'm too excited! What do we do?? Steph! Do you want the ball?? Cool! Tell you what, you just take the ball up the court and win the game. That's the play! Everybody else! You stand around and watch Steph!"

Seriously, that's what his teammates basically did until there were about 2 seconds left and Curry was being triple-covered. So then, down by two, the best move is a 25-footer that would get you yelled at if you threw it up during a pick-up game at the co-rec. Good run by Davidson, but they should take more heat than they are for that final play.

Anyway, back to the brackets. Entry adrenaline leads all comers with 98 points, one ahead of a tie for second between K-Towns 2 and K-Town 2. And yes, those are from different Yahoo users. Spooky, I know. Boilerdowd is keeping the BS staff looking less stupid than we might otherwise, by hanging around in 6th place, while his wife is just 5 points behind him in 14th place.

Yahoo allows us to use their "Scenario Generator" to figure out who might win our bracket. (Wouldn't it be fun to use the "Scenario Generator" for other things in life? Like, "If I hit my golf ball into the meathead's group in front of me because he's a douchebag, what's the likelihood that he'll come beat me to death with his flop wedge?")

Anyway, here are just some of the fun possibilities:

UNC and Memphis play for the title with UNC winning: Boiler Up wins (currently 5th). Same matchup, but with Memphis winning gives the contest to me so horney me love you long (currently 37th).

Kansas over Memphis: A WHOLE LOT OF 3'S wins (currently 4th).
Memphis over Kansas: CA Boilermaker (currently 24th).
UNC over UCLA: adrenaline (current leader in the clubhouse).
UCLA over UNC: Revs Bracket (currently 8th).
UCLA over Kansas: Lutz Minnoy & Watt Are Smart (Boilerdowd, currently 6th).

You get the idea. And you can play with the generator to your heart's content, once you're done with your picnic table.

Only three games left in the college basketball season. They should actually be good, too.

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