BS Bracketgasm Update

We've now reached that part of March (April?) Madness where everyone has bracket fatigue. No, nobody really cares what's going on in your bracket, unless you correctly nailed this year's Final Four.

Before I get into the BS bracket challenge details, I did want to share a bracket story you might like. I play in one that is run by a former colleague and encompasses anywhere from 600 to 1,100 participants each year. He has tons of payouts, rather than winner-take-all, though the overall winner does get 20% of an impressive kitty. Well, this year, one entrant had FGCU in the Sweet 16 and Wichita State in the Final Four. And she only finished second overall. So if you think you had a bad beat somewhere, just imagine being that prescient and still not winning.

As for our little challenge, usually by now it's all but wrapped up with only a couple of possible scenarios left. But not this year -- this year there is excitement. Or something. 

Leading the pack is gregmc0532 1, who actually nailed three out of four (all but Wichita St) and can still gain points for Syracuse making the title game, though he has Syracuse losing to Ohio State. So if Louisville loses and Syracuse advances to the title game, I do believe Greg will wrap it up.

We have a two way tie for second, with JenPershing getting two of the Final Four correct -- she has Louisville and Syracuse correct, with Louisville winning the title.

Tied with JenPershing is spartane86 1 who, like Greg, correctly picked three of the Final Four with the only miss being Wichita St. However, spartane86 1 has Michigan beating Louisville in the title game, so if this happens, I think he will be our champion.

Right behind spartane86 1 is dkboilerfan 1 who has Louisville over Michigan in the title game and if that happens, dkboiler would be your winner. I think.

If Louisville does not advance to the title game, I think this opens the door for Purdueless Brandon to make a run at the title, as he has UM winning it all and Louisville not in the title game.

Everybody got all this? My head hurts. And I'm not even sure I exhausted all the possibilities -- I just got tired of it.

Remember, the winner of the challenge gets the opportunity to post at BS (subject to our approval -- no nudies!) as well as some Boiled Sports swag (basically, we rummage around the basement of BS HQ and find you some stuff).

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