Colts Week 1

I know, it's not Brees v. Manning, it's two teams playing eachother. But, it is two high-powered offenses squaring off with two of the best signal-callers in the game at the helm for each team.

Tonight, actually, this afternoon, Faith Hill and the NFL broadcasting team roll into Indianapolis for a ridiculous carnival of events not related to well as the NFL season opener.

I'll be honest, I like Peyton Manning. But at one point, I would have left my wife and started an alternative lifestyle with Drew Brees. Now that I have a kid and he's moved to the South it just won't work. As a result, I'm a lot more level-headed since I'm not blinded by my man-crush.

I'll be going with the home team to pick up a victory this evening. I'm picking the Colts to win by forcing the Saints into an arms race that they can't win...Colts 37 Saints 28

I look for the undersized & young Colts defense to play better than most think it can, especially down the stretch. Last thing, before the NFL gets into full-swing, the Patriots and Belichick can suck it. I think they've made a few deals with the devil (i.e. Randy Moss) that will end up biting them in the arse before the season's up. I still think that Brady might be the best overall quarterback in the league, but chemistry is still important. Hiring a bunch of mercenaries doesn't always bring you a championship- just ask the Yankees. (oh no he di-int)

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