Krab's Cheap Shot 24 Hours Later

Hopefully, this goon gets a suspension from the league of horrible officiating...awwww, who am I kidding, it'll never happen. Discuss amongst yourselves...

The eagle eye BT officials didn't notice the antagonizing by the sizable Aryan guard and his cohorts later in the game either, as LewJack was swarmed and provoked by them.

A special thanks to Rich Falk and co. for putting together the worst collection of officials in both men's basketball and football. Hats off! That's a difficult feat to accomplish.

24 hours later, no suspension from the league and Bo Ryan is mum on the matter too. I already had a low opinion of the Big Ten officials, so their lack of response is not surprising. I honestly expected more from Ryan as I used to respect him.

J Money Heading to Indiana...other notes

Stone Cold!!