J Money Heading to Indiana...other notes

I saw this and thought of J Money right away.

J's coming into town for the bi-yearly BS meeting which centers around the Purdue v. UM contest. Special thanks to Travis at Off the Tracks for selling his corporate seats to us!

Any Day Now
With signing day less than a week away, a couple of note-worthy players on Purdue's board have yet to make their decision:

-Sterling Griffin WR
-Michael Buchannan LB
-Sam Barrington LB
-Quan Fletcher LB
-Wesley Tate RB

My gut tells me Griffin and Buchannan will be Boilers...But my gut also is perpetually telling me to make residence in the South to have access to warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I guess I'm saying, take my hunch with a grain of salt...or delicious icing; whichever suits you.

There ar also rumors of a few secret recruits and Barnes possibly switching...yet again to the Boilers. Question is at this point, do you really want a kid who has this much of a problem making decisions? I'd lean towards no, at this point...especially if Buchannan or another LB takes Hope up on his offer.

The Shirt off of Our Backs
If you're a Paint Crew member and you like free stuff, look for us outside of Mackey before the UM game...We might be able to help you stay clothed during the second semester; for free no less!

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