Note to aOSU fans: WEAR GRAY!!

On this October 3rd, Buckeye fans, Indiana University, and her AD, Fred Glass is going to try to use you guys. Mr. Glass knows there's no way in hell that his Hoosiers will fill Memorial Stadium...especially with the new addition. But, he also knows the Bucknuts travel well, and as fate would have it, Scarlet looks a ton like Crimson...especially from a helicopter.

So, Buckeye fans, enjoy your trip to Bloomington...Take in the nice campus, and enjoy the cut-outs that look like IU football players which will be standing still as Pryor and Co. go up and down the field on Lynch's squad- But wear your Gray, that day!

Don't be a player Mr. Glass' sinister scheme to edify his employer while giving the Buckeye nation ZERO credit.

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